OK Boomer

The current dust-up over snarky “OK Boomer” comments from younger folks toward Baby Boomers is just the latest iteration of inter-generational tension. This tradition that goes back at least thousands of years. I believe that this tension is what supports the bridge to the future. The tension represents the sorting out process of what has come before. It is how human society learns and advances.

I recall reading a prediction in the 1980s [insert “OK Boomer” here] that this day of reckoning would one day come because Baby Boomers were creating havoc during each decade of their existence, if only because of their overwhelming numbers. The impacts have been felt, and the day of challenges has arrived. Fair enough.

However, lest the Boomer age be painted with only a negative brush, it should also be noted that major progress has also been made on many fronts.

Bottom line–take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself to have a thoughtful and respectful conversation with people of another generation. How about shooting for civil discourse? Listen, think, speak, listen. Our species might learn something.

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