We are all experiencing something that feels like a bad dream as a result of the coronavirus. The world is swirling about us in a bizarre manner. This experience is similar to what Nita in The Healer’s Dream encounters. The primary difference is that Nita was periodically able to reengage with reality. We are left … More Surreality

Healing Waters

I am honored to participate in an authors night this Friday at The River House on the banks of the Cacapon River in Capon Bridge, West Virginia. The event begins at 7:00 p.m. What a fitting place to discuss The Healer’s Dream. “Cacapon” is a Shawnee word for healing waters.

Meeting at the Roots

My novel, The Healer’s Dream, is set largely in Cecil County, Maryland–in Port Deposit to be exact. This weekend I participated in the MBS Festival at Cecil College. What a wonderful opportunity to talk with folks from the area. Yes, I sold books, but more importantly I loved engaging with people from Port Deposit and … More Meeting at the Roots

OK Boomer

The current dust-up over snarky “OK Boomer” comments from younger folks toward Baby Boomers is just the latest iteration of inter-generational tension. This tradition that goes back at least thousands of years. I believe that this tension is what supports the bridge to the future. The tension represents the sorting out process of what has … More OK Boomer

Rude to Perfection

Society in the U.S. has degenerated into a remarkable level of incivility. One could point to numerous causes, but that is somewhat academic. What matters is that rudeness has become for some a routine manner of engaging with others. Nowhere is this more true than on the social media. Incivility is sad unto itself, but … More Rude to Perfection

Self-imposed Fog

Our ability to see reality and to see into the future has everything to do with our ability to peer through our self-imposed fog. We all see the world through lenses that are fogged by biases and assumptions about how things are and how things will be. Often these lenses give us inaccurate or incomplete … More Self-imposed Fog

Labor Day

I am a descendant of people who worked very hard. I owe everything to the sacrifices of these women and men. On the Meyer side, my grandfather and great grandfather were laborers in steel mills. Difficult and dangerous work. Although I spent most of my career in the white collar world, I am glad I … More Labor Day