The Healer’s Nightmare

In The Healer’s Dream, Nita encounters a situation in 1918 in Philadelphia as the Spanish Flu pandemic ravages the city. The scene is based on real events. Philadelphia was devastated by the pandemic. There were so many dead, that they had no place to put the bodies. Unfortunately, that scene is repeating itself now in Italy and Spain.

Experts predict that exponential growth of cases in the U.S. is about to occur. Cases are about to explode in NYC.

A panel of experts on NPR today blamed mismanagement at the federal level for wasting at least four weeks in mobilizing. That precious time lost will mean many lives lost.

This afternoon I learned that a friend from college has the virus. Although he is in ICU and on a ventilator, he is not responding. Sadly, in the coming weeks each of us will likely have stories such as this.

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